Salnés Valley

Salnés Valley is an area where the largest area of vineyards and wineries of the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin is concentrated. The territory of the Albariño dominates in excellence, and is one with the most consolidated wine making tradition. It runs along the coast from part of the Pontevedra estuary and the entire Arosa estuary, having the Umia river as its epicenter.

The King variety, without any doubt in the Valley, is the Albariño variety. Why? As often happens, varieties must go hand in hand with two key elements in all wine making: climate and soil. In this sub area of the D.O. Rías Baixas, soil and climate perfectly embrace the Albariño, because it is very resistant to adverse weather conditions.

The Rías Baixas Designation of Origin is fully integrated into the great Atlantic region, on the northeast coast of Spain. Its climatic dynamics are those of this area, which gives this Albariño variety of wines a great personality, unique and genuine, a true fruit of the Atlantic climate.


The VAL de MEIGAS vineyards are found throughout the Salnés Valley, on small hills that do not exceed 100 meters above sea level.

Rebeca and her family carry out all the work of tending to the vineyards: pruning, background fertilizers, pest control, trimming, harvesting ...

Technology and tradition

The elaboration of VAL de MEIGAS, with 100% of the Albariño variety, combines traditional techniques with the most modern technology, allowing one get the most out of this autochthonous variety, which results in a unique and different wine. A wine with a marked Atlantic character and excellent quality, resulting in a delight for anyone who tries it.

The winery is ISO 9001 Certified. This certification is recognized throughout the world and guarantees the quality and safety of VAL de MEIGAS, placing the wine up to the highest standards of the wine industry.

“Our vineyards depend on the good health of the land where they are planted. We take care of this land and the vineyards with the same love and affection that a father takes care of his son so that he grows strong and healthy. Each bottled vintage is a reflection of this love and commitment.”

– Rebeca Barral, founder and director, Albariño Val de Meigas