Pairing VAL de MEIGAS

Versatility is the main distinctive range of the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin Albariño wines. A capacity that makes them the perfect companion to any flavor. In terms of pairing, its properties are unbeatable. Compared to other white wines, it can also be tasted at slightly higher temperatures (between 8 and 10º C) thanks to its harmonious aromatic complexity.

Along with an aperitif

Our albariño Val de Meigas together with an aperitif is always a good idea. It is sublime for socializing, thanks to its ability to adapt to all kinds of appetizers. It works masterfully with all kinds of cheeses, especially with creamy Brie or Camembert type. Also, it pairs well with fresh cheeses, or those made from half cured goat and sheep milk

With Iberian ham

In addition to cheese, it combines wonderfully with ham, since it is a type of wine that balances the unctuous sensation in the mouth. How about pairing Val de Meigas with delicious grilled boletus with oil and garlic ? A perfect marriage between intensity and power for the palate.

With seafood

As a good wine of Atlantic origin, its salinity and freshness helps to enhance the delicious flavor of seafood. Some steamed mussels, calamari, or some baked scallops are excellent options to savor with Val de Meigas , in addition to other more coveted seafood such as steamed crab, spider crab or grilled lobster. The perfect marriage between land and sea.

With fish

Any fish that is prepared cooked and accompanied by sofrito, potatoes or vegetables is ideal to pair with VAL de MEIGAS. They work very well with turbot, cod, or tuna. For example, some hake cocochas or cod al pilpil.

With meats

What about meats? Its versatility makes it the ideal companion for white meats, especially poultry, although it harmonizes somewhat with fatty ones, such as pork. Even more sublime is the pairing if it is accompanied by buttery sauces such as butter, cream, mustard, or hints of citrus. Its propensity to pair with white meat is what has made it so prized to pair with Thanksgiving turkey in America.


It is possibly the best wine to accompany other dishes of Spanish gastronomy, such as those that include rice: a mixed paella, fish or seafood, a Levantine fideuá... Another possibility is also to pair it to a risotto or creamy rice.

Japanese food

The wide spectrum of flavors that it enables has marked a before and after outside our borders. It works perfectly with Asian food. A curious pairing results, for example, from the union of this albariño with Japanese food: it helps to enhance the flavor of sashimi, sushi or tuna tataki.

Chinese Food

If we choose dishes with sweet flavors, especially found in Chinese food, such as its fruity aromas, which are slightly sweet and acid, combine perfectly with our wine. It is also an excellent option with more bittersweet dishes that contain soy sauce or are very spicy.

Thai salads

Continuing with the exotic bites, it also respects like few others the fruity character of Thai-style salads.

Peruvian Food

As for Latin American food, its chefs know how to value the combination of this Rías Baixas with the typical food of Peru. A Peruvian fish or seafood ceviche can be an excellent option to combine with VAL de MEIGAS.

Mexican Food

If we talk about Mexican food, any dish that goes with green sauce, and is based on green tomatillos, jalapeño or serrano pepper, garlic, and salt, is excellent to enjoy with Val de Meigas. This is thanks to its freshness, elegance, and controlled acidity.