90 Points – One of the Best Spanish Wines

Autor: Gerencia

October has been a month of celebration for us and the best way to say goodbye to this difficult year for everyone. Our Albariño wine, Val de Meigas, has achieved a valuation of 90 points in the Peñín 2021 Guide, which as you know is the most complete manual of Spanish wines in the world. Its professionals taste more than 11,500 wines a year. With this score, Val de Meigas enters the list of “one of the best wines in Spain”, so we are very proud of this assessment that rewards all the work we have been doing to offer a high quality Albariño to the national market and internationally. Do you know how the tasting process is carried out by the professionals of the Peñín Guide?

The tasting procedure lasts between 1 and 3 minutes, after which the taster transforms all his visual, aromatic and taste impressions into a metric system that ranges from 50 -100. At first glance , Val de Meigas has a straw yellow tone with a bright appearance. Its aroma is fragrant and very intense, full of floral and fruity notes. To taste on the palate has a soft touch, wide with taste nuances, very tasty and with a great fruit load. A pleasure for the senses that we share in three concepts: Sublime, elegant and magical.

A magic that emerges from its own name, Val de Meigas, and is the result of the combination of “Val do Salnés”, the place where the grapes we use for its production come from, and “Meigas” (“witches”) , whose meaning is closely related to the Galician culture and tradition. The Meigas are magical figures full of power which according to legend lived in the valley. In them we have been inspired to elaborate a wine that evokes tradition, mystery and the supernatural. A wine that will soak you in our culture and tradition, making you part of the unique magic that Galician lands have.